We were born to grow old, so why is aging so hard?



The Wrinkle Project is designed to change the way we live, for the long haul - from birth until death.


Our goal is to disrupt the negative narrative about growing older & create new ways for people to enjoy every stage of life. Through our Aging Innovation Lab, we are reframing what it means to live a conscious & fulfilling life.



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The Death Cafe

An event to increase awareness of our mortality & develop a plan to live with greater purpose & meaning


The Wrinkle Podcast

An intergenerational conversation exploring complicated family dynamics around aging


Visual Public Service Announcements

A photography exhibit designed to confront our internalized biases around growing older

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The Wrinkle Salons

A set of engaging conversations to explore what it means to grow up and grow older


(Age)nts of Change

There's a movement afoot and it's all about changing the way we experience growing older. Whether you're 20 or 120, we invite you to join us. To nominate a woman over 65 who is changing the world in ways large or small, please fill out this contact form and send it in.